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HSNY presented at the World AIDS Day Summit

Today, on World AIDS Day, we celebrate the incredible efforts of our Food & Nutrition Services team in supporting clients living with HIV and AIDS. At the recent World AIDS Day Summit hosted by the New York State Department of Health, AIDS Institute (NYSDOH, AI), our team gave a presentation that delved into the crucial role nutrition plays in the lives of People with HIV (PWH). Their presentation highlighted the link between food insecurity, chronic diseases, and health outcomes for PWH, emphasizing the need for effective nutritional services.
Key takeaways revealed higher rates of food insecurity and chronic diseases among PWH, resulting in challenges such as poor engagement in care, increased healthcare visits, and psychological distress. With 1 in 6 U.S. adults living with chronic diseases, the impact is significant, costing $4.1 trillion annually. Our team's approach includes motivational interviewing to empower clients in making meaningful dietary changes. Recognizing the importance of retention, they invest time ensuring clients grasp essential information, addressing the alarming 40-80% forgetfulness rate of medical information shared during appointments. The team's "Client-Choice" food pantry, operating on an appointment-only basis, offers nutrition-vetted items color-coded by nutritional value. This innovative approach promotes autonomy, educates clients on resource utilization, and minimizes food waste. We take immense pride in the strides made by our Food & Nutrition Services team, empowering PWH clients to make informed dietary choices. Thank you for the invaluable work that contributes to a healthier and more informed community!

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